Channel variables

There are a number of build-in channel variables that can be used in the ACR Schema to affect the progress or settings for a call.

Variable Description
state Current channel state of the call
channel_name Channel name
uuid uuid of this channel’s call leg
read_codec The read codec variable mean the source codec
read_rate The source rate
write_codec The destination codec same to write_codec if not transcoded
write_rate Destination rate same to read rate if not transcoded
ani ANI of caller, frequently the same as caller ID number
aniii ANI II Digits (OLI - Originating Line Information), if available. Refer to:
network_addr IP address of calling party
destination_number Destination (dialed) number
rdnis Redirected DNIS info
privacy_hide_number This variable tells you if the inbound call is asking for CLIR[Calling Line ID presentation Restriction]
sip_h_p-key-flags This will contain the optional P-Key-Flags header(s) that may be received from calling endpoint.